Batch #2

I start my day with coffee, always.
I get up at the same time, always.
Usually, this is later than most people that get up early.

I walk downstairs to make coffee.
It are two staircases.

The kitchen is often cold, but only in the winter.
I put some water in the kettle and put it on the stove.
The heat of the stove makes the water boil, and warms up the kitchen.

I put some grinded coffee in the coffee filter.
It is a filter for slow coffee.

I prefer to take things slow, mainly coffee and love.

When the water hits the grind, the aroma fills the kitchen.
It is my favourite moment, always.

Once the coffee is ready, I walk upstairs again.
I take a seat at my large table.
Large because often I sit there alone.

The smooth taste of my coffee gives my morning a sweeter taste.
I hope tomorrow it will almost be the same.

Hopefully the table will look less large.


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