Batch #3

Every morning I start my day in the same way.
I walk downstairs, two staircases, to my kitchen.
It is a cold kitchen, in the winter season.
The thought of my coffee keeps me warm.

I put some water on and wait for it to boil.

I always drink filter coffee, the slow pouring way.
I like the subtle, mild taste of it.

Once my coffee is ready, I take it upstairs and take a seat at the table.
My table is very big but not empty, ever.

I take a seat and relax with my coffee.
It calms me down, even though the caffeine has a reverse effect.

While I sit I often write.
Pen on paper, or an antique typewriter like the one I used to write this batch on.
I write about coffee, just like I do now.

Ever so often I write about romance.
About a mysterious romance with you.
We fall in love while sipping coffee, a love we also share.

And now I get up every morning in a different way.

I walk downstairs, still the same two staircases, to my kitchen.
I always feel warm now, even when it is winter.
The thought of you keeps me warm.

I start my coffee ritual, as always in the same way.
Only slightly different now.

I make it for two, one for me and one for you.
The love for coffee blends perfectly with the love I have for you.
Our caffeine love affair.


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