Batch #4

I always start my day with coffee.
It is a ritual that starts the evening before I go to bed.
The desire to enjoy coffee in the morning tingles all my senses and makes me restless.

When I wake up, the floor is cold.
I breathe in the fresh air and start my journey.

My journey takes me downstairs.
I walk down two staircases to find myself becoming zen.
I am in the kitchen.

My kitchen is a sober place.
There is a stove, a fridge, a kitchen counter and a table.
I never sit at this table, it is too small.

There are no colours in my kitchen to make it less sober.
Just grey and white.

I put some water in the kettle and wait for it to boil.
While I’m waiting, I prepare the filter and cup.
I put one scoop of grinded beans in the filter.
My preference lies in beans that have a subtle taste and fruity, almost velvet-like aroma.

The water is ready.

I pour the water on the grind.
Slowly and in circles.
I repeat this three times in less than five minutes.

The coffee drips in the cup, slowly.

I walk upstairs again, but just the one staircase this time.
The first floor is less sober.
Brown, copper and dark green color the space.
The walls are white.

I drink my coffee. Slowly.
Slow coffee.

The caffeine makes me restless.



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