Batch #8

I always start my day with coffee.
It helps me to wake up.
Especially on those mornings when the clouds cover the sky and the sun is unable to brighten the day.

I walk downstairs, slowly.
It are two staircases.
Some days they feel extra heavy.
Mostly when the clouds cover the sky.

In the kitchen it is cold.
The grey and white colours make the place sober.
I open the blinds of the kitchen window.
Outside it is grey.
Clouds cover the sky.

I switch on the lights and put some water in the kettle.
I put it on the stove and turn on the gas.
I wait for it to boil.

While I wait, I grab a cup and a filter.
The cup is dark green and has a sentence on it.
“This can be start of something very wonderful.”

I grab my bag of grinded beans and take out one scoop.
The aroma of the coffee gives me a comforting feeling.

I take the water off the stove, it has started boiling.
Slowly, and in a circling motion, I pour the coffee over the grind.
The coffee starts to drip into the cup.

I switch off the lights, grab the cup and have another glance out the window.
Clouds cover the sky.

I walk up the stairs to the first floor.
I put the cup on the table and turn on the lights above the table.
The lamps are copper.
The light brightens the room.
Like the sun normally would.

I feel hazy, just as the morning.
I walk over to the record player and put on some slow jazz.
Chet Baker.
The music fits perfectly with the morning.
Grey, slow and somewhat sad.

I take a sip of my coffee.
The taste is subtle, as always.
I take a look at my table.
It is big, especially when I sit there alone.

When I finish my cup of coffee, I take a look outside.
Clouds cover the sky.
Wonderful in the most ironic sense.

I return to bed.
The bed is empty and has a grey feel about it.
Like the sky covered in clouds.

Tomorrow can be the start of something very wonderful.


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