Batch #14

I start my morning with coffee, always.
This morning was unusually different.
I woke up later than usual, alone.
Sunlight was beaming, it lightened the room in an unusual way.

I walked downstairs, the usual two staircases.
There was no need to switch on the kitchen light, as sunlight was beaming.

I started my usual ritual.
I put water in the kettle and put it on the stove.
I turned the gas on and waited for the water to boil.

I grabbed a cup and a filter.
There was no bag of grinded beans anymore.

I turned the gas off.

I looked around and noticed everything was unusual.
The kitchen felt lively and colourful.
Beams of the sun gave the kitchen an unusual feel.

I had no chance to do my ritual, the grind was gone.
Taking a look outside, I started feeling depressed.

All the elements to start the day in the most wonderful way, were in place.
However, the grind was gone.

I put the cup back in the cupboard.
The filter went back into its box.

This morning had to start unusual.
The grind was gone.

And so was she.


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